Access Bank Sounds COVID19 Scams Alert; Customers, Beware!

Access Bank, Nigeria’s leading financial institution, has exhorted customers to be wary of scammers, who like raptors, keep inventing scams to prey on the naivette of some customers during the nation-wide COVID19 lockdown.
It was widely reported that scammers contact their potential victims via mail, phone calls or text messages under the guise of being Government/Bank Officials, Voluntary/Social Aid Workers or COVID19 NGOs to request for their bank details with the false promise of crediting their account. However, it is their victims’ accounts that end up getting looted.
Customers are to always remember that the bank will never ask for their BVN, full card PAN, PIN, mobile app activation code, OTP or password as it is readily accessible to the Bank via its database. Therefore, any call, email and text message, claiming to be from Access Bank and demanding for any of these details is a sure-fire scam.
According to Victor Etuokwu, Executive Director, Retail Banking, Access Bank is urging its customers to be suspicious of all messages or calls requiring them to provide their personal or bank details.
“Also, customers are advised to refrain from sharing user generated codes when migrating from the old Diamond Bank app to the Access More app. With knowledge of this pin, these fraudsters can gain entry to your bank app, and from there have access to the money in your account.’’
In conclusion, he advised customers to be vigilant and report suspicious activities to the bank.