FirstBank’s Direct-to-Account Service- Safest Way To Transfer Money Internationally

The leading financial inclusion bank in Nigeria, First Bank of Nigeria Limited, has confirmed that it’s innovative system of transferring and receiving money without physical contact, the Direct-To-Account International Money Transfer Service, cannot be breached by Social Distancing.

The bank also said that money can be transferred directly into anyone’s account from any part of the world through its Direct-To-Account International Money Transfer Service; a service that bridges the gap between sending and receiving money, without any risk of physical contact which may expose one to infection with the Novel Corona Virus.

Available on Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, WorldRemit, Transfast and Sendvalu, FirstBank’s Direct-to-Account Service is another great initiative by the award winning financial institution that everyone should take advantage of; a service best-suited for the partial or total lockdown that is presently being experienced all over the globe.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, kindly call your Account Officer or visit any First Bank’s branch today.

Terms & Conditions Apply.



Alfred Abiodun, Editor-In-Chief, Da Scenario.