Pedophilia! 24-Year Old Canadian-Returnee Maid Caught Raping 4-Year Old Boy In Rivers State

The Rivers State Police Command has apprehended a 24 years old maid, Esther Emmanuel for defiling her employer’s son.

According to first-hand information from the crime scene, it was revealed that the suspect, who recently returned from Canada, had been living with the family since her return 3 months back.

She was nabbed after the naive, little boy complained to his parents about the pains he was experiencing in his private parts. It was while they were at the hospital that the boy revealed shocking details of how “Aunty” always fiddle his “thing”and ask him to put his “thing” inside hers. Not satisfied with those, she also asks him to lick her plate; a local slang for Cunnilingus.
In a desperate bid to cover up her nefarious acts, she was reported to have threatened the minor with death by “Ojuju”; which meant the minor will be killed by “witches”, should he ever reveal details of the abuse.

Some shocked neighbours registered their surprise and disbelief, arguing that the lady could have had her pick of mature men to play out her fantasies on given her traveller status and beauty.

“Na wah O! Dis rape-rape palava no go kill us for Naija O!”

One of the exasperated neighbours couldn’t help but say a prayer for Nigeria, a country now besieged by genderless Rapists on the prowl.