Tanker Explodes, Cause Massive Traffic Gridlock On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Firefighters have been battling to put out a raging inferno which was ignited when a fuel-laden tanker suddenly exploded without warning, and with a big ‘bang.’
This sad occurrence has resulted in a monstrous traffic gridlock on the Kara side of the Lagos-Ibadan Ecpressway, where the tanker had exploded.

Eye-witness accounts and reports of posts by residents of Ojudu Berger and neighbouring environs on social media confirmed that the noise of the explosion reverberated over long distances especially since it happened in the dead of night when everywhere was silent.

At 2:01am, the Federal Fire Service pleaded that there should be no vehicular movement around the area. “Kara Bridge Fire, men of the Federal Fire Service are already at the scene. Please vehicular movements should be halted around the area,” the tweet read.