Father’s Day Fiend: Man Mutilates, Stabs Mother Of Two To Death, Poisons Self.

On Father’s Day, Sunday 21st June, a man simply identified as Femi, bad mutilated and stabbed his wife muitiple times, till she died from the horrendous wounds which the man whom she had been living with for seven years, and the biological father of her children, inflicted on her.

According to accounts, agitated neighbours of the Victory Park Estate, Lekki residents, had gone to the couple’s abode to complain about the loud noise their stereo was making. The neighbors said that when they got there, they met the woman’s sister with the couple’s two children. After being made aware of the purpose of their visit, the lady ran upstairs to alert her sister and husband but strangely, she couldn’t gain access due to the locked doors, and there were no responses to her incessant calls either.
After some point, the estate authorities, with the consent of the lady’s sister, decided that the door should be broken, and nothing could ever have prepared them, even in their wildest imaginations, for the gory scene that had beheld them behind the broken doors.

Just as in a Class A horror movie, they had discovered the mutilated body of the woman whose head had also been shaved with a clipper. She was tied up and duct-taped to the floor. Her eyes, head and body had been stabbed multiple times.

According to Bala Elkana, Spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, investigations have already commenced and the corpses of the deceased have been taken for autopsy.

He said that two knives and two bottles of Sniper were found at the scene of the murder- suicide incident.

He confirmed that the woman died from injuries sustained from multiple stab wounds, while the man died from the toxic ingestion of two bottles of Sniper insecticide.

Homicide detectives have already sealed up the premises pending further investigation.

Neighbours who choose to speak on the condition of anonymity revealed that the couple were not officially married, but had been together for seven years and had two kids on the journey. However, some said they were privy to mild exchanges and incidences of abuse between the two.