Apple Denies Dubai Police Access To HushPuppi’s Gadgets

Leading phone giant and Tech brand, Apple, has denied the Dubai Law Enforcement Authorities access to all HushPuppi’s Apple gadgets and services including his Iphone, MAC laptop and iCloud accounts which the Dubai police had officially requested for when all other efforts to access the devices had proved abortive, to aid them in their prosecution of the arrested internet fraud kingpin.

Apple’s denial of access is backed by their Data Protection and Customer Confidentiality rule. The devices are said to be encrypted and Apple has stopped overriding the codes.

HushPuppi’s arrest in Dubai, UAE by the combined efforts of the FBI and INTERPOL was based on his link to an Unemployment Insurance Program scam of some states in America as well as the infamous Covid19 relief issue.

His lavish lifestyle before his arrest was on display on Instagram on a regular basis. His taste for exotic things was legendary. HushPuppi’s ball on the golden lane seems to be coming to a horrible end and it remains to be seen whether the Dubai Police will resort to the services of hackers or employ other means to access invaluable evidences they seek in their bid to put the fallen King of scam away for a long time.