Extraction 2: Russo Brothers Invite Ikorodu Bois To US Premiere

If any proof is to be found in the maxim that creativity and hardwork pays, look no further than Ikorodu Bois.

The trending, Ikorodu-based Nigerian skit producers, Ikorodu Bois; a group of teenage boys made up of 15-year old Muis Sanni, 10-year old Malik Sanni and 13-year old Aina Fawas; known for mimicking music videos of celebrities and reenacting movie scenes and trailers of local and international block-busters, have been invited to the premiere of EXTRACTION 2 in the USA, after their magnificent video mimicking the world’s most talked-about movie, went viral.

American directors, producers, screenwriters, editors, and actors Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo, collectively known as the “Russo Brothers” announced their resulution on twitter yesterday after seeing the wonderful video put out by the boys in the video.

With over 3.5 million views and counting, the Russo brothers referred to the work of the Ikorodu Bois as being awesome and expressed interest in having them at the premiere of the sequel to the first part in the United State of America.