Wicked! Man Decapitates Young Girl Bethroted To Him In Ilasa-Ekiti

An incident had occurred at a streamside, where an unidentified young herdsman had chopped off his girlfriend’s head with a Cutlass in the agrarian community of Ilasa-Ekiti, Ekiti East Local Government; an area known for its huge yams’ market

The victim who was said to be a very young lady, and of the same tribe with her suspected assailant Multiple sources in the community including the traditional rulers of the community the Alasa of Ilasa, Oba Ajayi Omolagba revealed that the young lady was of the same tribe with her suspected assailant and had allegedly been betrothed to the latter as a future wife while she was still a teenager, in line with their custom and tradition. He had attacked her beside a stream where she and her younger sister had gone to fetch water.

Eye witness accounts revealed that the killer sprung a carefully planned ambush to take his young victim by total surprise.

He had suddenly materialized out of nowhere, grabbed her from behind while she was bent over to fetch water from the stream, held her by her hair and decapitated her with callous disregard for her young and promising future.

The killer was said to have taken to his heel after doing the evil deed but was later tracked and arrested through the information provided by the younger sister of the deceased who was a prime witness at the scene of the gory murder.