HushPuppi Associate-Turned-FBI Informant Squeals, Indicts Dare-Devil Duo

New facts have emerged in Technicolor, about the identity of the prime suspect in another scam related FBI case, whom was arrested in November 2019, and whom had fingered and eventually provided the law enforcement officers with irrefutable information and proof with which they were eventually able to arrest HushPuppi and Woodberry in Dubai last month, in a sting operation dubbed FOX HUNT 2.

The informant has been identified as a Pakistani who also holds a Canadian Passport called Aziz Mizra. He came under FBI scrutiny as a result of his flamboyant online lifestyle which prompted an investigation into his financial background; a background which was almost an exact replica of HushPuppi’s.

He also revealed that Dubai was their safe haven due to the protective laws and customs which afforded the affluent to enjoy their wealth with relative calm and quiet. It is also an oil-rich, duty free kingdom where many of the world’s wealthiest vacationed or lived.

He said they assumed identities of glamorous enterpreneurs as covers for their nefarious activities.

It is unconfirmed yet but speculations have it that Aziz Mizra must have cut a deal to give up HushPuppi and Woodberry for a lighter punishment.