Soakaway Pit Serial Killer Arrested In Rivers State

A suspected serial killer(names witheld), who specializes in abducting unsuspecting shoe vendors, killing and dumping their corpses in a soakaway pit in Igbo-Etche, Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State, has been arrested by The Rivers State Police Command.

The suspect, who practices shoemaking was paraded before journalists

When being paraded before journalists in his home in Igbo-Etche where he confessed to committing the heinous crimes, he revealed that he has abducted and killed four victims since his sojourn into the Killing Business in February 2020.

When asked how he lures his victims, he said they were mainly shoe vendors who supply him with shoes to sell. He added that he first strikes them on their chests and then strangulates them.

When asked how he baited his victims and his mode of dispatching them, he gave a gruesomely detailed account of cold, premeditated murder by first hitting his victims in the chest before strangulating them till life oozed out of them.

This is what he had to say;

“I am a shoemaker. I stay in Garrison with my wife and children. My wife is not aware of what I do. Only me stay in this house (in Igbo-Etche).

“I started killing this February. I have kidnapped and killed four since I started. I kill them by holding them on their neck. I tell them I want shoes to sell and they bring it.”

He also showed journalists the soakaway pit where the expired remains of his unfortunate victims were disposed.