Staywell World TV Health And Wellness Series To Debut Soon

Staywell World TV Health Series; a health and wellness based television programme which highlights different health issues, illnesses, diseases and sicknesses with dramatic and animated illustrations; is in advanced stages of production, and will be hitting major Broadcast stations very soon.

Staywell World is an exciting innovation which will add great value to the Nigerian health sector as well as up the ante on public health awareness and enlightenment campaigns.

According to the project Chairman and CEO, Dominic Ajufo, Staywell World is a great revelation which has been in incubation for a while now and with the ever increasing emergence of pandemics and newer strains of diseases with similar symptomatic effects, there is a great need for the masses to be made aware of the very clear and present dangers which ignorance in this regard can pose.

Hence, Staywell World TV series aims to supply the teeming Nigerian populace with authentic health information through this unique health programme which features engaging and interesting segments like Vox Pop; where the public opinion and understanding of health issues are reviewed; Animation segment where an animated process of infection or cause of a illness or disease is illustrated in 3D; Drama segment where actors reenact real life illness/sickness situations with the formal interview of a certified medical professional to conclude by providing true facts about the issues on debate, as well as other interesting aspects that would make one become a regular viewer.

Watch Trailer Here:

According to the Nigerian-American entrepreneur cum sports scout, plans are also in advanced stages for the shooting of the Staywell World theme song which features interesting musical acts like BeeJay, blakk Soljas, Bisi Sax and others. The video is being planned for August or September due to the Covid-19 lockdown effect.

He also welcomed sponsorship/partnership proposals from interested Brand’s that may want to take advantage of the programme to reach to millions of prospective customers nationwide and also globally via the Staywell World online portal at www., our dedicated YouTube channel and social media handles.