Battle Of The Bloggers: Joro Olumofin and Tunde Ednut At War Again!

Joro Olumofin and Tunde Ednut are at each other’s throats again, months after they fought over the same issue.

It all began with Tunde Ednut sharing a post where he insinuated that Joro Olumofin fakes the messages he claims he receives from readers.

Tunde shared a photo of a man operating multiple phones, with the words, “Joro sending emails to himself and starting them with ‘Uncle Joro please keep me anon”.

Tunde added: “Joro ooo! Joro to Joro, then Joro post!!!”

Joro hit back hard by claiming Tunde Ednut is a thief and was deported from the UK because he stole an iPhone. He also alleged that Tunde can’t move freely in the US because he is there illegally.

He went further to claim Tunde steals his posts and he shared screenshots as proof.

He added that Tunde tries to compete with him by referring to himself as “Uncle Tunde” because commenters refer to him as “Uncle Joro”.

Tunde responded saying that he will have a show in London when the pandemic is over, to dispute Joro’s claim that he was deported from the UK.

Last year, both men came for each other on social media after Tunde Ednut claimed that the relationship mails Joro shares are fake, and not from readers as he claims.

Courtesy: LindaIkeji’s Blog