Scamming Cross-Dresser Caught In Beer Parlour

In a recent story posted by a Nairalander, a young but dubious Cross-Dresser chewed more than he can swallow when his scam was busted by some vigilant men he had gone on a fun trip with.

The Cross-Dresser And A Past Victim

The scammer had gone to a bar with the men under the pretext of being a lady and according to one of the men simply identified as Aleke, had ordered bottles upon bottles of Heineken and plates of pepper soup as if it was going out of season.

The way the ‘Lady’ guzzled beer and ate Nkwobi raised alarm bells till one of the men took the suspect to a corner and orderes her to undress.

After a brief spell of defiance which was later softened with sharp slaps and encouraging blows, the suspect finally stripped to reveal a bare chest and male genitals.

An armed robber at the mercy of an Irate Mob is luckier in terms of the mass action his Desperado act incurred.

He has been handed over to the police for prosecution for Obtaining By Trick OBTK.