Unconscious Man Found Lying on The Ground At Benson Busstop, Ikorodu

The lifeless form of an elderly man was found lying across the walkway at Benson Busstop, Ikorodu, Lagos around 9am this morning by Da Scenario Crime Correspondent, Tomi Oluwole, since the wee hours of the morning, and all through, till the midday sun was high up in the sky, dishing down harsh rays upon the land.

The Unconscious Man

However, It was surprising and disheartening to discover that everyone in the heavily commercialized area appeared unconcerned about the victim’s plight, including Policemen, LASTMA officials, and other top-ranking security agencies, until a dutiful and conscientious KAI official attached to the Ikorodu Area Command, who goes by the name Bashua Olufemi, appeared on the scene and mobilized his men to determine the inert man’s condition.

KAI Officer Bashua Salau
Officer Bashua Calls For An Ambulance

Officer Bashua later radioed in the situation to his Area Commander and informed our correspondent that an Ambulance would soon come for the man.
To make sure no loose ends were left hanging, our correspondent noticed a LSDPC truck parked a few meters away from the scene and quickly appealed to the official behind the wheels to call for a Lagos State Rapid Response Ambulance but unfortunately the Lagos State Emergency hotline number 08079077889 which the official called and presented to our correspondent rang incessantly without any response from the end of the line and repeated calls yeilded no results either.

Perhaps, it was the Covid-19 virus or maybe the fear of being implicated by the police for a crime that one knew nothing about for helping a dying person that was the chief reason why all the market people around remained aloof.


Hours later when Da Scenario correspondent returned to the scene at 3pm to ascertain further developments, nothing seemed to have changed, except for the fact that he had changed position- an indicator which may corroborate a certain passer-by’s story that the man is a very popular drunkard around the Garage-Ogolonto axis and that he must have passed out under the influence of heavy intoxication after a long night of booze and merriment.

Nevertheless, another compassionate passer-by condemned the lack of care and concern that government has for the people who elected them.

According to the person who chose to speak on the condition of anonymity said she wonders why drunk or not, the man wasn’t being tended to despite queueing for hours under the burning sun to vote for these same set of people who now weild the power of life and death over their basic medical needs.