Heartrose Care Foundation Introduces Emotional Health Intelligence And Management Skills Webinar For Teenagers

Heartrose Care Foundation will be holding a webinar on the 1st and 2nd of August 2020 to impart Self Awareness and competence skills in teenagers. Facilitators of the webinar are Mrs. Esther Oyebola; certified social sector manager, minister of God, public speaker, dramatist and Emotional Health personnel and therapist, and Funmi Ademuwa, a teen coach.

The Webinar, tagged ‘Emotional Health Intelligence and Management Skills Acquisition for Teenagers’, addresses emotional disorder and defects in teenagers.

Heartrose Care Foundation a registered social sector not-for- profit governmental organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. This initiative has zero tolerance for the emotional scourge known as DEPRESSION which is ravaging every strata from cradle to the grave.

History of the NGO

Heartrose Care Foundation formerly known as ‘Heartrose Resources’ was formally registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in November, 2013 but had been operative since the year 2007.

The NGO was founded by Mrs Esther Oyebola Adekoya, a writer.

Esther Oyebola Adekoya
Founder, Heartrosecare Foundation

She is a certified social sector manager, a minister of God, a public speaker and a dramatist. An Emotional Health personnel and therapist.

The initiative started at a time when the founder was writing one of her novel titled, ‘PRECARIOUS FATE’ As a writer, after her two published novels she wanted to work on her third novel. The title on her mind was PRECARIOUS FATE, she felt the urge to write about people that exhibit different emotional ills like feeling bitter, angry, lonely, sad, sorrowful, enraged, discouraged, frustrated, suicidal, helpless, hopeless, worthless and so on.

As she webbed her story, she suddenly found out that the underlining suffering for all of these negative emotions is called DEPRESSION.

Suddenly, it dawned on her that she has been a victim of depression herself. Having her own fair share of the Emotional ill, feeling unfulfilled, lonely, withdrawn, self-pity, low esteem and bitterness. There were times when she felt suicidal but thank God such thoughts quickly pass as she refuse to give the thought room in her heart to germinate. After these unpleasant experience she swore in her heart to expose this deadly Emotional disease and that is what she’s been doing till date.

Many years and seminars later, heartrose Care foundation has touched and transformed the lives of many teenagers via it’s outreaches to public and private schools, churches, TV programmes, publications, e.t.c.

To learn more or to support, visit www.heartrosecarefoundation.org