FA Cup Final: Why Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta And Chelsea’s Frank lampard Both Have Bright Futures

Gunners’ boss Mikel Arteta, who will be 38 years 128 days on the day of the final, and Chelsea counterpart Frank Lampard, at 42 years 42 days, are the two youngest Premier League bosses.

Both have a major trophy in their sights at the end of the first season at their respective clubs, in the surreal surroundings of the first behind-closed-doors FA Cup final.

‘Courageous tactics’
Impressive game management and intelligence has already characterised both men.

Both have shown the tactical flexibility and swift learning to even outmanoeuvre their mentors and two managerial masters this season.

Both Managers during their playing days

Arteta learned from a heavy 3-0 loss at Manchester City to turn the tables on Pep Guardiola, the manager he left behind to take over at Arsenal in December, to reach Saturday’s showpiece with an outstanding 2-0 win at Wembley.

Pat Nevin, who has observed both managers closely as a BBC pundit, said: “I like to be surprised by a manager.

“Frank has done surprising things such as out-thinking Jose Mourinho home and away, going for a 3-4-3 against Spurs in December which Chelsea hadn’t used since Antonio Conte.

“A game that jumped out was when they went down 3-0 at Sheffield United. It may not have worked but he tried an incredible amount of changes in that game. He is courageous tactically.”

Arteta, who is winning plaudits with Arsenal’s intense, attacking style, has also impressed Nevin.

Nevin said: “He has a brilliant player in Kieran Tierney and he has worked out he has got a left centre-half who can play left-back or left wing-back.

“And of course we have David Luiz. I saw him have the stinker of all stinkers at Manchester City in that first game after the break and yet Arteta kept faith, delivered the system that suits him best and we have seen how good he can be.

“He needs to have two players either side of him, exactly what Antonio Conte did when he brought him back to Chelsea and they won the title, and you saw what he can do in that semi-final.”