How Abacha’s Eldest Son, Ibrahim Died With Dangote’s Brother, Bello In A Presidential Plane Crash

Late Ibrahim Abacha

Being the first child of a man positioned by Amnesty International as the fourth most corrupt leader in modern global history, Ibrahim Abacha additionally turned out to be fantastically rich. He was into the arrangement of business bargains. A legal counselor and specialist, Ibrahim Abacha was depicted by his friends and family as exceptionally pleasant, amazingly unassuming, nice, and delicate, he was 28.

Upon his heartbreaking death, his mother, Maryam Abacha was broken and needed to leave the country for Saudi Arabia where she stayed incidentally, asked, reflected and looked for reassurance in her confidence and God.

The Plane Crash

On that decisive day, seventeenth of January, 1996, Ibrahim and his companions were going on a chipper ride from Lagos to Kano for a gathering and family commitment. He was going in the Nigerian Air Force presidential Falcon fly in the organization of 14 different companions when only minutes to the arrival at the Aminu Kano International Airport, the airplane smashed and detonated bafflingly. Ibrahim was with Funmi, his Yoruba sweetheart and a more youthful sibling of Aliko Dangote named Bello, presently the most extravagant dark on the planet.

Bello Dangote’s passing was depicted as a significant stun and colossal misfortune with Dangote portraying him as the nearest individual to Dangote in the gathering and an ‘incredible mastermind and visionary.’One of the Dan Princewill siblings likewise kicked the bucket and it was stunning to later realize that after they were requesting the cadaver of their late family member, which Abacha denied, the Dan Princewill siblings barely got away from death at the Oworonshoki Expressway when obscure aggressors out of nowhere assaulted them.

The accident shook the nation and even the most acknowledged foes of Abacha identified with the overbearing tyrant. Boss Michael Ajasin said of the misfortune: ‘The demise of Ibrahim Abacha isn’t just a stun to me however all NADECO individuals. The demise is a hit to the country.’

Maryam and General Sanni Abacha

Scandals Linking Ibrahim Abacha
Ibrahim Abacha’s name was additionally referenced in some disputable arrangements. Back in time, during one of the most noticeable plundering and illegal tax avoidance cases, a partner of the Abacha family, Abubakar Atiku Bagudu (who was the legislative head of Kebbi State) told the court that in February 1994, he and Ibrahim built up the Morgan Procurement Corporation saying:

‘I consented to work with Mr. Ibrahim Sani Abacha in 1994 in light of the fact that the last had an immense fortune and I had a great deal of thoughts regarding how to contribute or deal with the fortune. At about that time, my fortune was a lot littler… ‘

Additionally, when examinations were propelled by the United States Congress into the maltreatment of tax criminals of private banking and related financial administrations, it was found that Abacha’s children (Ibrahim and Mohammed) first became customers of Citibank’s private financial gathering in 1988. Additionally, over the span of its business relationship with the Abacha siblings, Citibank furnished them with different mystery related administrations including three unique name accounts, at any rate one seaward shell organization and even the utilization of codes to allude to their records.

Gen. Sanni Abacha

In London, the Abacha’s records held adjusts of up to US$60 million at once, while in New York, their equalizations would in general remain under US$2 million, in spite of the fact that US$47 million traveled through their New York accounts in a single half year time frame. Alain Ober was the Citibank official who supervised the Abacha’s records. He vouched for the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Governmental Affairs in the United States. The Nigerian government is yet to recuperate all the plundered cash.


MARYAM ABACHA’S EARLIER MARRIAGE: Although Ibrahim bore the last name of the Nigerian despot, he was not his natural dad. Maryam Abacha was at first hitched to a man near Major-General Shehu Musa Yar’adua’s dad (Abacha later detained Shehu Musa Yar’adua in the Abakaliki Prisons where he was in the long run slaughtered on the eighth of December, 1997 of every a most barbarous way when a genuine specialist controlled a poisonous infusion on the powerless general on the sets of the despot).

It was accounted for that Maryam Abacha was really pledged to Major-General Shehu Yar’adua’s father’s companion and she later wedded the man and she was pregnant for him when her high school sweetheart, Sani Abacha, removed her from the primary spouse, wedded her and guaranteed the infant, Ibrahim, as his own. Ibrahim was really another person’s youngster however the head of state raised him and drove the world to accept he was his first child. As indicated by Binta Yar’adua, spouse of the late Shehu Yar’adua:

‘He is Shehu Usman, Sarkin Maska from Funtua locale in Katsina. What’s more, he happens to be my dad. He was the area head of Funtua, and one time, a bureau serve in Saraduna government. He happened to wed Maryam. He was a priest. I think in 1965. What’s more, Shehu’s dad (Yar’adua) had nothing to do with my dad’s union with Maryam. At the point when TELL got some information about the hypothesized issue between the Yar’adua and Abacha’s family over the paternity of Ibrahim, Binta stated, ‘I wouldn’t know. I don’t have a clue. He could be my dad’s child. He could be Abacha’s child. I don’t have a clue… Well, he (Ibrahim Abacha) was conceived in our home. She (Maryam) was as yet hitched to my dad when Ibrahim was conceived… I wouldn’t state it’s intense (marriage) since it didn’t appear as though it was a constrained marriage… Maybe around two years. One and a half or two years Ibrahim Abacha was conceived in our home. – Binta Yar’adua, TELL, July 3, 2000, pp 14-17.’


A few reports around that time pointed all fingers at General Sani Abacha himself. It was later revealed by TELL (‘How Abacha Killed His Son’, February 15, 1999) that security officials, on the guidance of General Abacha, orchestrated the plane accident in order to end ‘the malice that the paternity of (Ibrahim) had caused the despot… ‘ TELL, Cover talk with, July 3, 2000, page 15. It isn’t clear if the accident was examined at all and it was additionally detailed that endeavors by family members of a portion of the other 14 survivors of the collide with recuperate the collections of their dead friends and family were hindered by General Abacha.

The exact reason for the accident stays obscure as there are clashing reports about the misfortune. One report expressed the pilot was unpracticed while another said the plane was conveying an excessive number of individuals while another expressed there was a motor disappointment. Whatever the case, his friends and family have not overlooked him. In January 2016, his sister, Gumsu took to web based life to grieve him, she composed:

Ibrahim Sani Abacha. ..20 years today. Allah ya jikan ka da rahama. Amin. .. u will never be overlooked. .. I recall so well the last time I saw u and u were giving Inna a farewell embrace.. not realizing it was really going to be The Last Goodbye.