Multiple Trailer Accidents In Ikorodu Leave 1 dead, 2 In Coma

The recent spate of Trailer/Tanker-induced accidents has become worrisome in Ikorodu as a number of incidents were documented by the Owutu and Sagamu Road Police Road Monitoring units in which more than five luxury cars were either damaged, or condemned beyond redemption.

However, the saddest aspect of the accidents is that in which a young adolescent named Olamide who came on his own to Ikorodu from an unknown location in Bariga, to eke out a living for himself, was crushed to death by a trailer, close to the Oke-riya Estate gate, in the dark evening of Friday, 21st August, 2020.

According to eye-witness accounts, the youngster who was just over a month shy of his 19th birthday which was to hold on September 22nd, had tried to collect ‘Area Levy’ as is customary of local boys from the trailer driver, but had somehow lost his footing and had gotten his head crushed by the wheel of the trailer.

Olamide’s Skull, Crushed By The Wheel Of A Tanker

It was also very sad that no phone was found on him to assist in tracking his relatives to come for his corpse.

Also that very Friday morning, a fallen container was seen blocking the highway at Agric Busstop. No lives were lost in that incident.

Fallen Container Blocking the Agric End of Ikorodu Road

Saturday evening was another date with disaster at Oke-riya as another SIMART tanker was involved in a pile-up with three other exotic cars including a brand new white venza and a black 2017 model Camry.
See photos and videos below:

At The Scene Of The Pile-up
The SIMART Tanker
Traffic Congestion Caused By The Pile-Up

Another incident occurred at Elephant Busstop, Asolo, in which two persons were left in coma involved a Jeep and a bike with two persons. Accounts given by eyewitnesses revealed that the bike had suddenly crossed the path of the speeding vehicle, thereby giving the driver no time to avert the disaster.

The two comatose passengers were rushed to a nearby hospital but were instantly rejected and referred to the Ikorodu General Hospital.