Steve BabaEko Celebrates 25 Years In Advertising

Steve BabaEko, CEO X3M IDEAS

For a struggling young man whom had braved the odds to travel thousands of miles to an unfamiliar and highly competitive terrain and yet, had been able to excel beyond the ordinary definition of Success, Advertising guru, Steve BabaEko surely has every reason to feel thankful as he marks his Silver Jubilee in high spirits.

The prodigious Adverting Copy Writer with a sterling reputation and knack for the unusual and oftentimes ‘Abnormal’ when it comes to expressions in Creativity, celebrates himself for clocking twenty five years in the profession.

Steve, whose surname is mostly alluded to that which is indigenous to Lagos State as a result of the ‘Eko’ in it, is in actuality, a Kaduna born and bred boy with a bag of dreams who came to Lagos to make a living from himself.

During the exclusive interview ORAN had with him some time back, he had explained that name had actually been adopted by his grandfather.

The soft-spoken and amiable President of the Adverting Agencies Association of Nigeria, and CEO, X3M Ideas, Steve BabaEko,says he thanks God for His mercies on him.

“On this day 25 years ago, my boss Victor Johnson took a chance on this greenhorn Copywriter from Kaduna. I thank God for His mercies.

“Despite all the challenges, I have clawed from the bottom of the pile to the top of my profession.”

“Thank you Baba VJ, I’ll forever be grateful🙏🏾 #25yearsToday”, he said .