SARS’ New Rules Of Engagement, How To Identify Fake Police

Lately, the State Anti Robbery Squad, SARS has been reformed and the new rules of engagements are:

1. No SARS personnel is allowed to interface in any civil matter.

2. They are not allowed to interfere in cyber crime (yahoo yahoo).

3. No SARS personnel is allowed to conduct a stop and search exercise unless there is a distress call from victims or members of the public.

4. They are not allowed to be involved in commercial matters (debt recovery, landlord vs Tennant issues).

5. They are not allowed to interfere in any social /relationship cases ( marital matters, boyfriend / girlfriend relationship).


Should any member of the new SARS Harass you, please contact the following:

DIG, Department of Operations:

08037025670, IGP X-SQUAD 0902 690 0729, 08078662130, 08174041000 – CALLS.

0903 227 8905 – SMS.

0903 562 1377 – whatsapp.


See some tips on how to identify fake Police men at a glance:

1. Number tag of a real policeman must be six digits less than six is fake.

2. Only female police officers have their numbers begin with “0”, any policeman with number beginning with “0” is fake.

3. Every policeman’s name tag is woven to thes shirt no more removable name tags.

4. A distinction between the normal policeman and the SPY (supernumerary) police personnel is that a “SPY” number must be either three or four digits with the word “SPY” boldly inscribed on their uniform shoulder.

Please at night always roll up your windows in traffic, central lock your doors, be double sure they are true policemen, if they are not, be strong and speed off or hit them, Never get frightened.