Evil Messenger: Kidnapper Confesses To Collecting 500K Per Child In Ikorodu

Nothing lasts forever. The truth of this maxim was discovered today by a misadventuring kidnapper who was nabbed in Ikorodu, while chanting incantations on the child she was preparing to steal, right in the middle of their room!

Decently dressed in a leopard skin patterned gown, nothing could have given anyone any inkling to her true motive, but while in the room she had invaded to try and kidnap the child as was her evil tradition, the fortunate mother of the child walked in on her and raised the alarm.

In her futile attempt to escape, the resident mob overpowered her, and under questioning, she confessed that the man who sent her always paid her 500K per child.

She was however spared jungle justice, as a patrolling team of Policemen attached to the Sagamu Road Police Station, whisked her away for interrogation and prosecution.

The Police is yet to issue any statement on the matter.