The Military Seek Nigerians’ Help In Battling Insurgency

Inspite of his assiduous and positive efforts to restore the image of the military in Nigeria, people are calling for the sack of the Military Service Chiefs.
We need to ask ourselves this question: What are the causes of Insurgency, crime and a whole lot of other criminal vices plaguing the polity?

General Tukur Buratai

The major reason why many people take to crime is due to lack of employment, Oppression, Intimidation, political and ethnic bigotry etc, and until we find solutions to these problems, we are going to continue blaming who ever is in charge.

However, one major issue affecting our country is bribery and corruption and it is one of the reasons our country is facing various challenges.
Nigeria is blessed with alot of brilliant and dedicated officers who are diligently fighting Insurgency and other acts of banditry.
Every day and night they keep combing various forests in a bid to flush out militants and protect our sovereignty as a nation.

A few days back, the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, donated a three-bedroom flat to an 85-year-old retired staff sergebant of the Nigerian Army, Paul Ojo, who was forcefully evicted from his residence by the police and officials of the Kaduna State Government.
This benevolent act of this great general, is worthy of commendation and sincere prayers of blessings, and also, Nigerians need to be objective in criticizing the Nigeria Military, and should not be too quick to condemn, given the fact that their efficiency is often undermined by bureaucratic hiccups and political greed.
Nigerians need to put hands on deck to support the Military in fighting insurgency every way we can to safeguard our sovereignty and move the country forward; after all, we don’t have any other country except Nigeria!
May God bless Nigeria .