Man, 35, Attacked And Assaulted By Hoodlums, Husband And Wife Engage In A Public Show Of Shame In Ikorodu


A man identified as Afeez Ibrahim has been attacked by hoodlums on a revenge mission for interfering and taking sides in a previous altercation; an action which didn’t go down well with the aggrieved party, and which eventually culminated into a vicious attack at Agric Busstop, Ikorodu, leaving the victim with deep Cuts, a broken nose, and fractured fingers.

The bloodied victim

According to the victim, the attack was so sudden and unexpected as he greeted everyone and the response was normal. He said it was a great shock as he never had any inkling that the devil’s mind was already made up.

All bloodied and disorientated after the attack, the victim had gone to the Owutu Police Station to report the incident before heading to Holyfield Hospital for treatment.

He said the ever-responsive Owutu Police assured him that the matter would be investigated as soon as possible and the suspects tracked down for prosecution.

The Owutu Police has confirmed the incident, saying a man had indeed made an official report of the attack and that a team of detectives have been assigned to the case.

In another development, the heavy rains which fell yesterday caused a heavy traffic logjam on Isawo road, with many vehicles packing up or getting grounded in mud pools, like the one pictured below:

A Grounded Vehicle Affected By The Heavy Downpour Yesterday

Also, a husband and wife engaged in a public fight in which the woman was stripped by her husband.

According to the woman identified as Ekaete, she is the breadwinner of the family and had even dropped N500 for the family’s upkeep while preparing to go out on an all-night hustle, but this had not gone down well with her husband names Sunday of Yoruba extraction, and this had compelled him to descend on his wife heavily, injuring her and stripping her naked in the process.

Ekaete, The Semi- naked woman
Mr. Sunday (Yellow Complexioned) Being Restrained By Concerned Bystanders

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