SARS Madness! Young Graduate And Bride-To-Be, Sexually Assaulted And Murdered By SARS In Abuja

Late Stella Ifeoma Abugu; Arrestef In Lieu Of Her Fiance,
Assaulted And Murdered In Police Custody

In addition to the recent spate of extra-judicial killings by evil SARS officers, a young, beautiful, engaged graduate, Miss Stella Ifeoma Abugu, was killed on 11th September, 2020, while still in police Custody, after being whisked away in lieu of her fiance, Mr. Afam Ugwunwa, at Wumba village, Lokogoma, Abuja, by some men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS around 5pm on 10th September.

The Deceased

Serious foul play and sexual predation has been suspected to be part of the cause of the young lady’s death at the ends of these conscienceless demons called SARS.

The Petition Addressed To The IG By The Abugu Family Solicitors

According to the contents of a letter addressed to the inspector general of Police by Solicitors to the Abugu family, the deceased had been taken away in a healthy state according to eye witness accounts, by some SARS officers whom were later discovered to have carried out an illegal operation, and hadn’t been seen or heard from again till the family was contacted that her dead body was already lying dead in the Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital Morgue.

In conclusion, the letter indicated that the case was already lodged at Apo Police Division headed by a DPO Usman and Inspector Bulus as IPO, after preliminary enquires were made at the SARS Unit at Guzape, Abuja.

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