Tragedy Of Unprecedented Proportions! 40-Foot Container Trailer Rams Into Traders, By Standers, Killing and Maiming Scores At Agric Busstop, Ikorodu

The40-Foot Container Trailer That Lost Control, Killing and Maiming Scores at Agric Busstop Yesterday Night

It was a gory tale of sorrow, tears and blood yesterday evening around 10:38 PM when a 40-foot container experienced brake failure and rammed into roadside traders, bystanders and an 18-seater Mazda Bus around the Agric, Ikorodu BRT Terminus killing and maiming all the passengers, except for a suckling babe who was the only unscathed passenger.

The Driver Side of the Mazda Bus
Bloodied Seat of the 18-Seater Mazda Bus
Wreckage of the Mazda Bus
Debris from the incident

The tragedy is one unprecedented in the history of the area despite the fact that the evil occurrence is a yearly ritual.
Crowds of concerned citizens, families and friends of the victims, Governmental Security Outfits, local Vigilante groups and the responsive and reformed Owutu Police, led by the charismatic and motherly DPO, CSP Margareth Okonkwo and his able deputy and DTO, DSP Akaribe Kingsley were also on ground to monitor proceedings and complement survivor rescue efforts and eventual evacuation of the damaged vehicles by LASEMA officials.

LASEMA Officials Evacuate the Wrecked Vehicles All Through the Night

According to eye-witness accounts given by a young man Identified as James, he was just across the road buying things when he heard the resounding crash of the Trailer making impact with the BRT Terminus Walkway. He said there was blood everywhere and the dead and dying littered the road.

LASEMA Derrick

He said he joined in the rescue efforts to try and rescue survivors but that it was all a futile attempt as all the passengers and driver of the Mazda Bus were in critical condition as at the time of their evacuation to receive medical treatment. He also said most that weren’t dead yet had multiple fractures as a result of the accident and many gave up the ghost even before being taken away by paramedics.
The driver of the goods-ladden container had bolted immediately after the crash to escape mob justice which would surely have been his fate were he to fall into the hands of the aggrieved mob.
A man who was identified as the owner of the wrecked Mazda Bus came with his family and initiated a wild drama as he screamed and ran up and down uncontrollably in near-derision while repeatedly asking all and sundry about the fate of the young driver whom had driven the bus, which was now reduced to an ugly ball of wrecked metal.
While the rescue efforts were ongoing, traffic had to be diverted to the BRT Corridor to avoid the tail-end of the container which was literally blocking the highway.


Another white Truck with Lagos registration number FST448XZ was also hit by the unexpected disaster while trying to make a detour into the busy Isawo Road just by the entrance off the highway. The truck was rail-roaded by the trailer, damaging its tires and part of its Chasis.
LASEMA Officials and the Owutu Police, under the direction of DSP Akaribe Kingsley were eventually able to remove the wrecked truck with their Derrick but not after a series of botched attempts during the tedious process which continued through the early hours of today.

A speeding Bus making its way from Ikorodu General Hospital where most of the victims were taken, zoomed past, drawing sympathetic comments from some RTEAN Officials who were also magnanimous in controlling the touts and thugs to nip any looting ideas in the bud and ensure perfect maintenance of order.

Another resident of the area who was obviously confounded and still revelling in shock demanded to be interviewed by this correspondent but wasn’t coherent enough to make sense. Such was the state of affairs generated by this unfortunate disaster.

Many names of the dead were mentioned and this correspondent took a bike in the dead of night to Ikorodu General Hospital to try and ascertain the facts but wasn’t allowed into the emergency ward where most of the victims were for receiving treatment.
The dead had already been taken elsewhere but from the accounts of an hospital staff under the condition of anonymity, the reporter ascertained that not less than 12 people lost their lives in this most unfortunate tragedy and more are still dying as a result of their injuries.

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