The Corrupt Elements Of Owutu, Agric POLICE STATION: “Policemen” DEMOLA, PRINCE, YAKUBU, And Their Documented Atrocities And Corrupt Practices


Policeman DEMOLA squad on one of their illegal bike raiding operation in a quiet street far from the highway
Bike Seized and Bribes Demanded

Two days ago, the teeming youths of Ikorodu joined their Nigerian comrades all over the world in the #ENDSARS Protest, to register their anger and chagrin over the recent spate of Police Brutality and Extra-judicial killings, as well as the state of unemployment and insecurity which is generally predominant in the country.
Chief amongst their demands though is a non-negotiable end to all forms of Police Brutality, Oppression, Extortion and Intimidation.
The IGP recently scrapped SARS and has now replaced it with SWAT, which is to be modelled after the original American version. However, questions raised by this new development includes the thoroughness of the proposed overhaul and expulsion of Bad Eggs enshrined in the system, whom are predominantly to be found in the rank and file cadre of the Police Force.
Owutu Police Station is one perfect case study where the shady dealings and personal enrichment schemes of some very prominent bad cops have been carefully detailed and documented for instant investigation and punitive measures.
The atrocities of these Corrupt Policemen called DEMOLA, YAKUBU and PRINCE have become stubborn sores defacing the reputable image of the Police Force in Owutu while undermining the good intentions of their comrades.
Infact, to really butress this point, their names were violently chanted for reprisal by the angry youth protesters during the #ENDSARS protests yesterday when they were at OWUTU Police Station, and had even mandated the gallant DPO, CSP Margareth Okonkwo to produce the objects of their obsessive hatred. They even brandished placards with the names of these officers clearly displayed for their bestial acts of extreme brutality, corrupt enrichment and victimization.
There was an incident where the said DEMOLA, in the course of his shady and unconstitutional harrassments of Bike riders, had during an Okada Chase, hit and critically injured an innocent woman and her daughter in the process. There is proof to back this up as the victims had been taken to the very popular EL BETHEL hospital at Asolo, Elephant Busstop to be precise, in a semi-conscious state for treatment.
Another documented incident with proof was when he hit a moving bike rider with a big plank in the face, partially blinding the unfortunate victim in one eye in his bid to forcefully obtain bribes. The victim had been treated at Xpresscare Hospital, Centre Busstop, very close to Owutu Police Station, and the nurse on duty that very day confirmed the incident.
There was also the incident where policeman DEMOLA had been recorded on tape with some of his other colleagues demanded bribe from a journalist before his forcefully seized property could be returned to him and it had taken the intervention of the DPO, CSP Margareth Okonkwo to settle the matter. Infact, Policeman(?) Demola’s flagrant display of lack of respect for constituted authority had been reflected in the uncouth way he had addressed his superior.
The Hausa Community in Ojokoro are not left out of the oppression as Demola and his death squad repeatedly go out harassing the young men and arresting them on trumped-up charges without evidence and releasing them from their hijacked, unmarked mini-vans(Kurupe) after having forcefully extorted bribes from them.
Also, after the protesters had left the station, cowardly officer DEMOLA, whom had gone into hiding during the heat of the protest, returned to jeers from his colleagues who repeatedly teased him over his act of cowardice and had even shown him abandoned placards bearing his name and that of his cronies marked for mob justice. There is no need imagining the mayhem which could have been unleashed on the Police, had DEMOLA been found by the angry youths.

Then, in the evening, the PRO OF ONLINE REPORTERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA ORAN, whom had solely reported the event had returned to the station for last minute consolidation of information in preparation for reportage but the bad cop called DEMOLA assaulted him and even threatened injurious bodily harm with the aggressive support of his crony, PRINCE.

The journalist, whom had witnessed the policeman’s acts of cowardice asked him where he was when his duty post had been under seige. To the surprise of the former, this plain question drew Demola’s ire such that the careless and shameless way he had been threatening and screaming at the journalist whom had just been doing his job left little to the imagination as regards the inter-personal relations skill of the disillusioned Policeman.
He had even challenged the journalist to a physical brawl behind the station to determine, in his words,”Who get power pass!”
Infact, the journalist has lodged a formal complaint and is on the verge of petitioning the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to intervene in the matter and bring back sanity to Owutu with the immediate dismissal of those three black sheep of the Owutu Police Family.
Video evidence of Angy victims whom had been partakers in Demola and his cronies’ daily feats of brutality have been documented and posted on social media as evidence of the outrage and outcry elicited from the good citizens and youths of OWUTU, Ikorodu, by the pugnacious inclinations of terrible cops gone putrid and clarion calls for immediate investigation and redeployment/demotion/dismissals of these bad elements whom may still prove to be the greatest undoing for Owutu Police if care is not taken and necessary preventive measures should also be decisively put in place to FORESTALL another, more violent outbreak of protests by Owutu Youths.

Attached is the video where the angry protesting youths nearly went beserk over their demand that the corrupt officers be produced by the DPO. It had taken the courage and calm was of the DPO to douse the tension.