Owutu Police, RTEAN, Douse Covid-19 Palliatives Tension In Agric

Protesters Rushing Palliatives Discovered Stored In A Warehouse In Kaduna

Sequel to the incidences of hidden caches of Covid-19 Palliatives being discovered by the masses, some aggrieved youths and residents of Owutu area, Agric, Ikorodu, who were privy to a prior incidence where palliatives were brought out of a building, loaded into trailers and carted away after sharing a minuscle fraction to a select few, went back later yesterday in droves to demand that the store rooms be open to them for inspection.

The home of the APC Chairman was also thronged by the protesters but the bravery and opened of the Chairman as regards the palliatives issue calmed the mob and they left thereafter.

Although, no one was injured in the incidence, it had taken the ingenuity and tact of our undercover reporter to wrestle command from the aggressive leader of the irate youths and rechannel the mob’s action away from impending violence intended sucht that once they discovered that the palliatives weren’t available, they left the location in peace. It was while they were inspecting the APC Chairman’s house that the Wale Omole (Pero) led RTEAN officer and veteran, Comrade Kazeem Adegbola A.K.A. Amiskuri, came to intervene and calm the situation. The amiable DPO, CSP Margareth Okonkwo was also promptly on the scene to access the situation as well as address the youths and residents of the area. 

According to the undercover reporter whom had got wind of The impending incident, had gone on a fact finding mission, only to be caught up in a storm.
Just last Sunday, the reporter had been very lucky to survive an attack with a poison dagger by narrowly escaping. Yesterday’s experience was similarly scary for him because at some point, the unruly ones questioned the reporters loyalty what with him being unfamiliar to them but the quick thinking and sharp acting skills of the reporter managed to save him and allow him wrest control of the situation from the agitators who could have done much damage.

” It was very scary because an irate mob can always turn against the tide suddenly and without warning. I had to be brave and firm to stand my ground or I could have equally been mobbed if I had shown them that my Intentions had differed from theirs.”

Recall last Sunday that the reporter narrowly escaped death by dagger while reporting the Ogolonto/Idi-Iroko clashes.

Latest information garnered that from one of the houses the protesters went, big bags of palliatives were later brought out, causing a stampeded as housewives and old women struggled to pick palliative food items.