Lectuters Join Traffic Wardens To Control Traffic At Agbara – Badagry Expressway

It is no longer a child play as lecturers join government paid traffic warden officers to control traffic at Agbara – Badagry Express Way as that seems to be the only way the motorists and pedestrians can obey traffic rules and give way for others that trek .
The situation on the road is becoming too worrisome as users of the road conspicuosly suffer serious hardship on a daily basis, and by all indications , many users of the road are often forced by circumstances to sleep on the road except those that can TREK home .
As at press time , many users( motorists and pedestrians) were stranded without any alternative except those that can TREK!
The question is – how would those who trek home will work efficiently the following day in their offices ?

How would those who live on this axis resume at the normal time in their offices ?

Honestly , government needs to do something and something urgent to salvage this situation
Many businesses are being frustrated due to what is being experienced on daily basis and many Civil servants working within the axis of Badagry and mile two spend triple of their transport allowance on weekly basis.