Nageri Nakowa Motorcycle Owners and Riders Association NNAMORAL: Moving Nigeria Forward On Two Wheels

Nageri Nakowa Motorcycle Owners And Riders Association is nationally presided over by Alhaji Chief Musa Muhammed, Maitakobi 1, and Alhaji Sulaimon Adesina Raji A.k.A Jafo Authority Onibaekun of Iba Kingdom, Omoayemojuba, is the Lagos State Chairman and National Chief of Staff, RTEAN. NNAMORAL is an association of dynamic-minded individuals working in the Motorcycle wing of RTEAN, whom are United for the common cause of moving transportation forward in Lagos State, as well as in every other state where the far-reaching tentacles of the Association is firmly rooted.

In Lagos State, and precisely in Ikorodu West LGA, Ikorodu West D, Zone C of the Association, one dynamic leader stands out strong and different in every way as far as leadership is concerned.

Chief Akeem ESHO, Chairman Ikorodu West D

This man has been there and done that, even as far back as from days of yore, when transport unionism was still in its budding stage in Nigeria, and over the years, his wealth of experience and bright intellect stood him head tall above numerous challenges, making him a formidable force in his home base of Agric Owutu, Ikorodu, Lagos.

Unlike the days of the past when the business of transportation was uncouth and still disorganized, touts had taken control, regulating fare according to their whims and caprices in the area.

Today, however, because of the able leadership and commitment to excellence of the RTEAN NNAMORAL able Chairman of Ikorodu West D, Zone C of the association, Mr. AKEEM ESHO A.K.A ESHO AGRIC, there is now so much sanity in the area such that unlike in the past when Okada rider influxes and Okada-related crimes were rampant, the process is now so organized and decent.

From the ticket processing, task force activities, levy collection and remittance, accountability is always the watchword of the stalwart transport guru and leader.

He has won several accolades and many awards including Media Awards, and religious recognition by the An Sar Ud Deen Association of Ikorodu and Yoruba Trado-cultural Group.

He also holds the chieftaincy title of Jagun Papa of Iwo land, as well as the Asiwaju Adini of Agric.