Robbing Paul To Pay Peter? Online Investigation Reveal Mr. P’s ZOOM Lottery Is A Scam!

Mr. P Peter Okoye, ZOOM Lottery Boss

After the initial reaction of the Nigerian Music Star, Peter Okoye, to Nigeria Super Eagles Player, Osaze Odemwingie, via DailPostNG, tilted “Osaze Odemwingie needs prayers – Peter Okoye reacts to fraud accusation”, Osaze’s previous headline started becoming interesting.

Is it true that @OfficialMisterP National Lottery, ZOOM, is a scam?

Nigerians became eager and started wondering whether Osaze Odemwingie, who made the allegation on Instagram on how Peter Okoye is defrauding many people on the internet with National Licensed Lottery ZOOM, is speaking the truth.

According to the analysis carried out by DaScenario investigative journalist and freelancer, Roy Amoo, online publisher of on the lottery, ZOOM, the program is a MEGA SCAM!

The official zoom website claims that Zoom is an entertainment lifestyle lottery that offers subscribers the chance to win millions of naira in cash and prizes that cut across shooting a music video, concert tickets, backstage passes, sports, business mentorship and more. It also promises that Winners will be called by Mr. P on their registered phone numbers after the raffle draw (and then by video-call too).

Now, the big question Nigerians want answered, (especially those that have already subscribed to ZOOM), is whether Mr. Peter Okoye is really keeping to his own end of the bargain.

Evidence Peter is robbing people in broad daylight

When Peter Okoye announced the winner of the zoom lottery on Facebook and tagged @abigail.okorie1 Facebook winner, the world rejoiced. However, on checking Abigail Okorie’s timeline, she had reposted Mr Peter’s congratulatory video. Abigail’s profile is however yet to be verified if it is real, or a bot (organically generated).

From the little resource gathered from @ abigail.okorie1, the account is not fully active and the engagements on her timeline are also unusual.

Peter Psquare’s post had about 278 reactions 17 comments. 90% of people 90% of people who reacted/commented on Abigail Okorie’s timeline on Facebook are not her contacts/friends. FB/gaiuslevis also reacted heavily to her post.

Let’s assume they are Abigail’s contacts. @abigail.okorie1 never reacted back to her contacts’ congratulatory messages, which is quite strange, don’t you think? An average Nigerian lady wants to take full advantage of her social media triumphs but her case is different!

The first name FB handler mentioned by Okoye, Abiolayk24, does not have any valid account on

Ok. Let’s assume that he meant Twitter and we decide not to run another check.

Also, Abiolayk24 never reposted or mentioned anything related to winning a phone on his timeline.


@damsel308’s Instagram account was last active on April 6, 2019. Also, this profile is a sub-profile for @pwettidamsel which was also last active on April 6, 2019, according to Instagram.
@patr.icia2325 and @dikofaith_diko do not have active Instagram accounts.
@Gosaking1 has an Instagram account and he last checked in at the Envoy Hotel Abuja on December 10 according to Instagram timestamp. The user never mentioned anything on his timeline about Zoom Lottery or winning a prize from Peter which is quite peculiar. Let us be honest with life, there is no Celebrity who doesn’t want to be recognized for good work. If you are Mr P., would you overlook people whom you gifted something but didn’t express gratitude most especially when they are meant to validate the genuiness of your Lottery programme?


@osujijoy6, @Mzzprylla, @felix_dimaria have no active Facebook accounts. Intriguing, right?

OK. Let’s talk about Mzzprylla which belongs to a Ghanaian/Nigerian model. Her last post was made on 26th December wishing a friend happy belated birthday. I am very sure if Mzzprylla had won a prize via Zoom Lottery, she would definitely have reposted. Peter Okoye is someone everyone wants to meet especially for that young lady @Mzzprylla.


90% of the Zoom Lottery winners declared by Peter Okoye cannot be verified! We want to keep this post short but make things clear.

The only way we can believe Peter is to upload the dispatch evidence and payment receipts that can clearly validate that humans, not boys, have been Winning big in his ZOOM Lottery.