Cult Clash Leaves One Dead In Ikorodu, 2 Robbers Get Mob Justice

Rival cultists clashed in the Isawo area of Ikorodu West LGA on Sunday leaving one young man with the alias ‘Ongbona Feli Feli” which literally means “steaming hot”, dead when the dust settled.

The young man, who is well known in the area, was said to be an electrician who also loved staking bets in a popular Bet9ja shop at Igbo-Olomu Junction in the area.

According to sources, the slain young man was said to be a member of the Black Axe Confraternity and hence had been murdered by the predominant rival Eiye Confraternity probably as reprisal for their downed comrades in other clashes.

The Police is yet to make a formal statement concerning the issue.

In other news within same area, two young men were chased down and apprehended after trying to flee during a robbery gone bad for them. The incident happened in the Lawyer Busstop end of Ijale Street.

According to a very reliable eye-witness account, the duo had tried to snatch a motorcycle from a Hausa rider at gun-point but luck had run out on them when the gun they went with refused to fire when the Okada rider had put up resistance.

On realising that their weapon had malfunctioned, the duo had bolted in separate directions, and had been eventually apprehended by separate sets of people after which they were both given separate mob action, but the one whom had held the gun got the roughest end of the bargain as scores of Hausa motorcyclists had gathered to mete out merciless pummeling on the done robber.

The young man, who was reported to be a popular butcher at Agric Market, Ikorodu, had eventually died from his mortal injuries.

The other robber, however, was more fortunate to have fallen into the hands of more lenient people whom had mildly beaten him and allowed him freedom after he confesses that it was his first operation and promised never to attempt it again.

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