Hoodlums Attack Amotekun Corps, 4 Operatives In ICU

Daily Post Nigeria
Amotekun Corps

Last Friday at Ona Ara Local Government Area, four (4) operatives of the Oyo State Security Network Agency also known as Amotekun Corps, have been hospitalized as a result of a vicious attack launched against them by hoodlums.

Amotekun Corps Oyo State Commander, Col. Olayinka Olayanju confirmed the attack and also revealed that the seriously injured operatives who had been attacked with matchetes and axes, were rushed to the intensive care unit of the University College Hospital UCH, Ibadan for treatment.

Col. Olayanju also revealed that operatives had stormed the area as a result of the distress call made to them by the Odeyale Community Landlord Association for help when hoodlums started perpetrating violence in the community.

He said:

“Operatives and police officers were attacked by hoodlums at Ona Ara Local Government of Oyo State.

“The incident was a follow up to a distress call by Odeyale Community Landlord Association who called for help today from the two security outfits to help in dislodging the activities of the hoodlums in their neighbourhood.

“The coordinator of Amotekun operations at Ona Ara, Mr Adelakun said that the hoodlums attacked them with machetes and axes. Four of the operatives were severely wounded and are in an intensive care at the University College Hospital (UCH) for treatment. Investigation is still ongoing.”

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