Kidnappers Now Operating On Agric-Isawo Road, Victim Recounts Near- Death Experience

According to a kidnap survivor named Yemisi, residents of Agric-Isawo in Ikorodu West Local Government Area of Lagos State should be very careful especially during the early morning hours in boarding unknown private vehicles to work.

Recounting her harrowing, near-death experience, the young lady whom had set out very early in the morning around 5am for an appointment on the Island said the vehicle had no indicator to warn her of the danger she had been about to experience.

” It was a private car and the passengers were all well-dressed as if they were also on their way to Victoria Island. I could never have imagined that they were kidnappers.”

Narrating her ordeal to Dascenario publisher, she said she had decided to leave her Dayo Akinyemi residence early to beat the daily heavy traffic characteristic of Ikorodu Road during the morning hours for her job interview on the Island, hence, she had boarded the front seat of the nondescript Toyota Camry when the driver had called out his V/I destination to her.

After moving some distance and just opposite the Owutu Mechanic village fence, she was shocked and incapacitated with fear when a sack had suddenly been thrown over her head from the rear.

” If you make any noise there, ehn, you go die now now!” A guttural voice laden with the smell of Marijuana warned her and said she felt her hand bag being roughly yanked off her shoulders.

After searching and not getting the kind of money they had expected, the three-man gang of kidnappers had gotten angry and inflicted countless matchete cuts on her head while punching her repeatedly and indiscriminately.

She said the fear of being killed had suddenly galvanized her into action whereby she’d started screaming for help, but that nobody had come to her rescue.

After a long time and many kilometres deep into the Ikorodu mainland, they had pushed her out of the moving vehicle after initially deliberating heatedly whether to use her for rituals amongst themselves.

Speaking from her hospital bed where she had been rushed for treatment by sympathizers who later called her family to notify them about her whereabouts, she warned residents, especially young women who usually go out early in the mornings to be very careful and vigilant anytime they are about to board a private vehicle. She said it was even safer to go by public transport noting that it was God whom had saved her life.

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