ORAN Calls For Media Boycott Of All Press Statements Credited To Criminal Ally, Sheikh Gumi

SHEIKH GUMI: Bandit Antagonist or Supporter?

In the wake of the insensitive remarks made by Self-acclaimed cleric and terrorist sympathizer Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud GUMI, The Online Reporters Association of Nigeria ORAN has called on all journalists to boycott statements and media releases cedited to him in future.

Recall that while speaking on Arise TV last Wednesday, he attacked journalists by calling them criminals for calling his kinsmen and terrorists, criminals, which they truly are for their rampant acts of kidnapping, maiming and sexual molestation of innocent Nigerians, and thereby, making the country a hub of terrorist activities and criminality.

“Specifically, Sheik Gumi said “you are emphasising on criminality, I don’t know. Even the Press (journalists) are criminals too because they are putting oil into fire [sic]. These people are listening to you, don’t address them as criminals”.

The question then is why is Sheikh GUMI inflamed when one of the gang leaders that was recently interviewed by Nigerian journalist, Abdulaziz Abdulaziz and published in Daily Trust, the bandit leader had insisted on being introduced properly as “Kachalla Halilu Sububu Seno, Leader of all Terrorists”, if he wasn’t truly one?

Yet Malam Gumi insists they are not criminals.

In light of the above, ORAN believes that granting an uncouth and brazen terrorist negotiator with vested interest in the windfalls of their evil devices would only fuel the flame of his perceived pseudo-importance.

According to the body, it is high time rantings of deranged elements be ignored as taking note every time such unscrupulous elements open their mouths would only serve to feed their warped egos.

According to the president of the Association, Tijani Adegbola, ignoring people like Sheikh GUMI would be a step in the right direction towards crippling the tantrums thrown by these sycophants and psychopaths in establishing a media presence till their nefarious activities are completely erdicated.

“It is indeed a shame that our clueless leaders have allowed the nation to reach this point in our history” he mused.

Also citing the recent statement made by Sheikh GUMI that kidnapping young schoolgirls was a “lesser evil”, the ORAN President expressed shock and disbelief that a Self-acclaimed cleric who is supposed to denounce evil in all its forms and devices could regard the kidnapping of young children as inconsequential.

Another video of Government officials paying ransom to terrorists under Police protection which was recently posted online is also very shameful, disheartening and would serve to engender an increase in terrorist activities in the country.

Tijani said in saner climes, such activities would have been met with uncompromising force by all state security outfits, but that because many of our leaders are culpable and probably get kickbacks from such evil deals, they keep ascenting to terrorists’ demands and even filming the act of paying off terrorists.

“Our leaders have failed us and we wonder when those we voted to protect our interests in the Senate will do the needful to ensure that the country does not disintegrate via another civil war. Insecurity and corruption has become the bane and Kalashnikov-toting cattle-herders now have the country’s jugular in a death-grip. May God save Nigeria.” He concluded.

Alfred Abiodun PRO, ORAN.

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