Bandit Caught With Concealed Weapons At Patigi Ferry Port, Niger. (VIDEO)

Bandits On The Prowl

A suspected armed bandit was caught at Patigi Ferry Port in Niger State as a result of his agitated and suspicious behaviour which was noticed by a bike man who eventually blew the whistle on him.

It all started when the suspect refused to hand over his baggage to the motorcycle rider from Bida Garage to place in front of his bike as was the practice.

While on the way, the man received several calls apparently from gang members asking him to hurry up; a situation which got the rider really scared.

As soon as they got to the Nupeko Port, the bandit quickly alighted and chartered a small canoe to the Patigi side, but still refused part with the baggage while boarding the boat.

This was when the rider raised an alarm and a call was made to the other side for them to investigate the incoming lone passenger.

As soon as he got to the other side, someone again offered to assist him with the bag but he refused. He was just in a hurry to take another commercial bike when they forcefully took the bag from him and the vigilante members there held him down and on searching the bag in contention, 3 guns were discovered.

Below is a video clip of the man and the weapons.

The bandit and the concealed weapons found in his confiscated bag

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