Denrele Edun Is 40, Says Dating A Man Is The Worst Decision He Ever Took

Denrele Edun

Remembering that young boy at theatre 15, UNILAG, and the others like Kayode Peters, Femi Brainard, etc, seems just like yesterday, when all they had was a dream and themselves. Now decades later, Denrele Edun has truly metamorphosed into a handsome showbiz personality with a need to settle down. Or does he really?

In his own narrative, this was what he said to Bethnews Media.

“My father’s calling my dad from nowhere saying, Okay, Denrele is 40, is he not going to get married?”

“And I said, tell that woman to call me herself, let me address the issue because she has no say in my issues. I fell in love, fell out of love and been heartbroken severally.”

“Now I’ve not been in too many relationships which is why I am always skeptical about getting into them.”

“So one day, I said to myself, okay, so maybe the girls do not have anything to offer me, and then I have quite a bit of male attention.”

“Okay, lemme just give somebody a chance which ended to be the worst decision I have ever taken in my life. And from then on I have said, right now, I am my own sugar daddy. I have a strong masculine side designed to take care of my feminine side. So, I don’t need anybody.”

“The person I now decided to experiment with, I said okay, lemme just give this a shot. That was the most draining thing I have ever done in my life and I said I am never going to be caught in that sort of situation.”

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