DSS Slammed Mortar On Igboho’s Aide’s Head After 48 Gunshots Failed To Kill Him – Ilana Omo Oodua

The umbrella body of Yoruba Self-Determination Groups, Ilana Omo Oodua has alleged that the Department of State Services (DSS) brutally murdered one of Sunday Igboho’s aides during Thursday’s early morning raid on the Yoruba Nation agitator’s residence in Ibadan.
According to Ilana Omo Oodua, one of Igboho’s aides identified as Saheed Adisa aka Adogan was shot 48 times by DSS operatives during the raid but none of the bullets penetrated.

When they discovered he wasn’t affected by the bullets, they smashed his head with a mortar, killing him in cold blood, the group alleged.

The group’s statement posted on social media further alleged that the DSS operatives were too ashamed to leave his mutilated body behind that they took it away with them.

“This is the face of a true warrior. His name is Adogan. He took 48 bullets to his body and was still standing like a fearless Ikoyi Eso. When bullets failed the DSS, they had to slam a mortal on his head, butchering him to death.

“While DSS operatives were butchering Adogan, Majasola Igboho Oosa (May peace and blessings of Eedua always be with him) had made his exit to fight another day.

“It was said that Adogan’s body was so brutally decapitated by the DSS that they were ashamed to leave his body behind. They whisked his body away, but his blood literally trailed them from Chief Igboho’s living room to the DSS headquarters in Abuja. Trust me, we will take our revenge. RIP my good brother! No going back on Yoruba nation. Lagos rally goes on, as planned, tomorrow,” the group posted on social media.

Earlier, the spokesman of Igboho, Olayomi Koiki, in a post on Twitter on Friday shared pictures of Adogan, identifying him as one of the persons killed during the attack.

Koiki also disclosed that the deceased was married with children.

It will be recalled that the DSS had also confirmed killing two people during the raid on Igboho’s house.

Explaining why they carried out the attack, the secret police accused Igboho of stockpiling dangerous weapons in his house under the guise of agitating for the creation of a Yoruba nation.

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