Number Of Pupils From Broken Homes In Ikorodu Is Alarming – NUT lkorodu

Hon. Wasiu Adeshina, the Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government and Chairman of the Child Rights Law Implementation Committee and members of the committee in group photograph with representatives of the NUT Chairman and other stakeholders at the stakeholders’ forum organized by the Child Rights Law Implementation Committee, Ikorodu Local Government, themed, “Eradication of Child Molestation /Abuse and Gender Based Violence (The Role of Child Rights Law Implementation Committee).

The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Ikorodu branch, has described the number of students from broken homes in Ikorodu as very alarming and called on the government and the community to do something quick about it.

To address the issue, the Chairman of the Union, Comrade Oluwafemi Fakolade, JP, suggested setting up a Reconciliation Committee by the government through the Child Law Implementation Committee.

Fakolade, who was represented by Comrade Senuga Abolaji, an executive member of the union, spoke at the stakeholders’ meeting organized by the Child Law Implementation Committee, Ikorodu Local Government, at the council secretariat hall.

“The number of pupils from broken homes in our schools is alarming”, a concerned teacher said.

“There are many problems that, we, teachers deal with while teaching our pupils. There was a day I asked them to tell me about their parents. The exercise, unfortunately, led to finding that many of these pupils are being raised by single parents due to broken marriages.

“There is need for urgent intervention by the government through this committee.

“Ikorodu (Local Government) should set up a reconciliation committee to see to how we can bring some of these parents back together in the interest of the children that we are gathered here for today”, he pleaded.

“There is also the issue of some of these pupils being trained by widows”.

He also said that parents are responsible for sexual and other abuses of their children by encouraging indecent dressings.

“Most parents are to blame for sexual harassment and other abuses of their children because of the examples that they are given to their children at home. It is quite unfortunate that parents are the ones not only dressing indecently which shows their children that they too can copy them, but also buying indecent clothes for them”, he said.

“This is why cases of harassment is on the increase and Ikorodu has to do something about it urgently”, he appealed


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