The Online Reporters Association of Nigeria, ORAN, salutes the courage of resilience of Nigerians who still believe that there is light at the end of the country’s Political and Economic dark tunnel.

In recent times, the citizenry and country has suffered terribly under the leadership of an insensitive and callous Government but the indefatigable spirit of the true Nigeria can never be suppressed.

According to a Press Statement signed by the Public Relations Officer of the association, Mr. Alfred Abiodun, ORAN totally identifies with the oppressed and down trodden masses who are bearing the full brunt of an economic disintegration as a result of bad policies and corrupt practices by the same people whom are supposed to protect their interests.

Furthermore, agitators for division of the country need to have a rethink as Nigeria is the only country that is truly ours.

“We must realise that what we all have is one another. Nigeria is our country and we are all first class citizens here. We need not break up or succumb to Machiavellian tactics to take back what is rightfully ours. Power belongs to the people. If any government is not functioning properly as it should, the people have the mandate to change the government on election day.”

The association also called out the government for not doing the needful to tackle the hydra-headed monsters of Banditry and Terrorism.

“As Nigeria marks another year of independence today, the government really needs to implement policies and laws that can effectively tackle the issue of Banditry/Terrorism. Speaking with two sided of the mouth is what the country has been seeing the government do all the time. When was the last time you travelled?”

” These bandits are not ghosts. There is no way the government can say that with the technological advancement in warfare and intelligence gathering which exist today, they don’t know where the bandits are. It is a complicated triangle involving high level officials in government who are the chief financiers of terrorist activities.”

The association also commended the gentlemen and ladies of the fourth estate whom have been working assiduously to ensure that the people are kept informed, and whom are staunch advocates of truth.

“Kudos to all our colleagues that have been on this grind for so long, ensuring that the masses are informed about the happenings in the country, in the face of possible injurious bodily harm, and even death. ORAN salutes your courage.”

“At this juncture, all we need is love. We in the media need to change our thinking from being self-anggradizing to being selfless. When you help the next man, you may not know that it is yourself you are helping. We need to be more liberal in assisting each other with genuine information and contacts sharing. The truth is that one can only achieve the power of one. United, the possibilities are endless.”

In conclusion, the association thanked all the corporate bodies and private individuals that have shown strong support for the media over the years.

” ORAN thanks all the corporate bodies that have supported the media over the years with advert placements, cash and kind. Your contributions are invaluable and unforgettable. We appreciate all your efforts and support to ensure the media continues to function. Thank you so very much!”

God bless and Happy Independence, Nigeria!


Public Relations Officer, ORAN

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