Da Scenario Interviews Mr Biola Kayode, PA, Laredo Small Chops Services

It was an amazing evening at the Balmoral Events Centre, Ikeja, Lagos State. The 17th edition of the Global Excellence Recognition Awards was the talk of town. The event witnessed top dignitaries from different walks of life, including the Royals, Military personnel, Government officials, notable artistes, amongst many others.

As the day’s event progressed, attendees were entertained with live music displays from artistes like Lanre Teriba (Atorise), 9ce, Bigiano, Ogidan, and more. You’d quite agree with me that the best time to get served is when the awards are presented and good vibes come out from the big, banging music speakers.

No other company was given the privilege to serve the guests than the famous, top-notch catering service brand, Laredo Small Chops Services. The company has been known far and wide for its quality culinary skills, and is regarded as one of the nation’s finest in the catering world.

The guests were treated with well cooked boneless chickens, nicely baked Puffs and sausages. Da Scenario had the opportunity to chat with the Personal Assistant to the CEO of the company, Mr Biola Kayode. He shared deep insights into the company’s mode of operations, and what makes the firm have a strong footing in the catering world.

Watch the video:

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